• Cake

Subs Plus cakes were once a local secret but now the secret is rapidly spreading. More and more people have tasted one of these wonderful desserts and know where they will order their next cake.

Traditional Cakes are Chocolate, White or Marble Specialty Cakes are Carrot, Red Velvet, Black Forest, Raspberry Delight, Vegan and Gluten-Free

Please Note: it is best to give us 5-7 days advance notice for gluten free orders.
Disclaimer: Wheat flour and flour products are on the premises where we make gluten-free products. While we take precautions to ensure our gluten-free products do not contain any wheat flour, we cannot guarantee that trace amounts of wheat flour are not present.

Sizes Pieces Traditional Specialty Fresh Fruit Fantasy
7" Double Layer 6-8 33.95 37.95 add $10
8" Double Layer 8-12 37.95 42.95 add $10
10" Double Layer 12-18 47.95 53.95 add $12
9"x12" Small Slab 18-24 59.95 72.95 add $15
11"x15" Medium Slab 24-40 82.95 88.95 add $20
15"x15" 3/4 Slab 40-60 119.95 139.95 add $25
15"x24" Full Slab 60-100 169.95 189.95 add $30
Fillings Icing
Custard Whip Cream
Key Lime Butter Cream
Lemon Chocolate Whip
Cherry Chocolate Butter Cream
Edible Images & Plastic Sets Please call for a price: (905) 646-0111
Drawings $15.00 and up (depending on complexity)
Rosettes $15.00 and up